Pacific Services offers many different tech-related services, if I don’t list something here please contact me to inquire about it, you never know what’s fixable!

Laptop, Desktop and other PC services:

Repair Services: There hasn’t been a bit of tech hardware that I can’t fix! parts may take 5-10 days to ship but most of the time it’s quick and painless! Pacific Services can repair your technology!

Gamer Upgrades: Turn your regular boring PC into an ultra-definition gaming powerhouse! I offer hardware upgrading, optimization and overclocking services to get you to the top of your game!

Workstation Upgrades: Do you have a business working with large amounts of data or high-resolution media? are your computing needs beyond that of the average consumer PC? Contact Pacific Services for a free consultation and excellent upgrade service that will push you ahead of your competition and improve your workflow.

New PC Builds: Looking to get a new computer for work or gaming? See the Pacific Services “Contact” page and begin the message with “New PC” to start a consultation and get your perfect custom-made PC at a lower cost and higher quality than other pre-built systems!

Education Services:

Are you lost when it comes to all the apps on your phone, or even the darn phone it’s self?

Do you struggle to take advantage of internet services that others seem to enjoy?

Are your kids speaking greek to you when they try to explain new technology?

If any of the above sounds like you don’t hesitate to contact Pacific Services through either out telephone line at the top of this page or through the “Contact” page in the menu at the top.

Smart Home Services:

Media: I can set up your whole house for music in every room and smart functionality on every TV all with voice commands and surround sound!

Automation and Security: This is where things get more interesting, in addition to the above, I can also set up smart camera systems that can report incidents to you, view-able right on your smartphone. I can make your home entry smart, letting you unlock your door with an app for convenience or security, and enabling you to view the person at the door even if you’re not there. I also install smart thermostats and smart detectors to keep your utility bills low and your home protected. Ever wanted a robot maid that only works when nobody’s home? I do that too.